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Mana Force is a series of RPGs for the TI-83 Plus series of graphing calculator by Kevin (DJ Omnimaga) Ouellet. The first game came out in 2002 and the second one in 2003. The games are 1 on 1 battles, like in Illusiat series, except with a different layout and the gameplay has a strong focus on mana.


Mana Force (May 2002)

In this game, you control Yam, some sort of round creature that must wander in dungeons and defeat the final foe. You access every dungeon from the main town, but only a few are available in the list at first. To unlock more of them including the final area, you need to finish 4 dungeons. After completing each dungeon, you get rewarded with a new character class. To equip a class, you need Mana points.

This game originally came out in French in May 2002, but saw many updates during the following months. 11 years after the game came out, it was re-released in English with most remaining bugs fixed and some magic spells and dungeons were renamed.

In March 2015, DJ Omnimaga started a new RPG series called First Fantasy, this time for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. A remake of the first Mana Force game, featuring colors, new magic spells and several enhancements, acts as the first game of the new series. It was released in April 2015. There is no plan to remake Mana Force 2.

Mana Force 2 (May 2003)

In this game, you control a similar character as in the original, named Tornado by default (you can change his name). You must collect all the crystals to save Mana and the world. When you gain a crystal, you gain one white magic spell and a dark one. Each magic spell can be mastered up to level 3 so that it gets stronger.

In this game, maps are much more complex than in the original and there is a world map and airship. The in-game menu looks identical to Mana Force 1, but with classes replaced with orbs equipping. The difficulty is extremely hard too.

The game came out in May 2003, but was riddled with newly discovered bugs and glitches, including one resulting from 8xg file corruption that left the future of the project in jeopardy. It is unknown if there are still bugs left today, but it took until Early 2005 before the corrupted file was fixed. This game was never translated to English, so it's only available in French.